Why Nova Scotia?

Why not Nova Scotia might be the better question. It's one of those exotic sounding places that I've never been to and that's reason enough for me. I plan on leaving around the 8th of May and spending several weeks on the ride. Along the way I'll be camping out, visiting unsuspecting friends , and maybe getting to ride along with them for awhile. Let me know if you're up to either!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Jun 26 – Phone Batteries & The National Motorcycle Museum

Some of you may recall my cell phone battery went south after the beating it took in New Brunswick’s crazy rain storm. Since then I’ve been asking nearly every store about replacements but until today I’d had zero luck finding one. Mac knew about an outfit by the name of BatteriesPlus not far from his home so we drove to it and they installed a new one. The sales gal said to let it charge for 8 hours or so and I’m hoping it will do the trick. As I write this it’s been on the charger for nearly 4 hours yet still displays the message that says it needs charging… Guess it’s back to the store first thing in the morning. Bummer!
Mac had wanted me to see the National Motorcycle Museum which is close by so off we went; me with my camera in hand and Mac patiently waiting while I took shot after shot. It’s really a great place, two floors of older bikes of all types ranging in age from modern bikes to many going back to the turn of last century. There are street bikes, racing bikes, streamliners, dirt bikes, sidecar rigs, even motor scooters plus tons of collectable items like posters and clothing items. Some of the most interesting ones were celebrity bikes that were owned by Steve McQueen and Evel Knievel. Movie star bikes like the Easy Rider chopper were also present. We were there a long time but it would probably take a couple of days to see it all. If you’re ever in Anamosa, Iowa and love bikes be sure to add this place to your list of things to see.
After we left the museum we headed over to Joe O’Conner’s for a visit. Joe had ridden with Mac when he came to meet me in Bellingham for our Alaska ride last year. He was home dog-sitting his granddaughter’s fuzzy-faced little yapper, one of those hyperactive small breeds that are a ball of energy. I liked him a lot but he made Joe nervous with his running and jumping so he ended up in his crate. Poor baby. At least the weather is still very warm but not hot like it’s been for the past couple of days and it’s a welcome change.
I’m heading out tomorrow in a westward direction, again meandering to my next destination, North Platte, NE. A couple of years ago Linda and I listened to an audio book about the role women played in the North Platte USO during World War II. Later we watched a special presentation on TV about the very same USO organization and now I find myself directly in line with that city. At the rate I travel it will probably take me a couple of days to get there but I’m very keen on seeing it. If you’ve never heard about it here’s a link you can follow for more information. It was a wonderful group of people, both men and women who worked the train stop USO club and eventually helped thousands of servicemen feel better. http://history.sandiego.edu/GEN/WW2Timeline/canteen.html
Lisa fixed us another tasty dinner this evening so we’re all stuffed and kicked back relaxing. The chain on El Nino has been oiled, the GPS route for tomorrow has been programmed, and things couldn’t be looking better.
I even have new socks!

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